FRONT Booking

FRONT Booking is the perfect solution to give your restaurant a boost into the digital world. The system is flexible and adaptable, and is intended to lighten the workload of the company. With high user-friendliness, smart functions and a well-thought-out customer experience (?), The solution will be able to offer you seamless handling of table reservations so that the restaurant can focus more on other tasks.

Easy administration

FRONT Booking is easy to manage with settings for opening hours, number of seats and contact information.

The system will be manageable with a clear and user-friendly dashboard

Avoid no-shows

The main reason for today’s no-show customers is forgotten reservations.
You will therefore have the opportunity to choose whether FRONT Booking will send out a reminder to guests via SMS, email or both.


You can customize the FRONT Booking system to your identity by adding wallpapers and logos. The solution can therefore easily be modified to suit their identity.

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